Stella Bloom was born on 10 August 2014 in the wonderful sea of ​​southern Greece on an island almost lost in the south of the Peloponnese. White houses and blue roofs, taverns and pita bars. White sand and transparent water. It was the long night of San Lorenzo, the night of shooting stars. That night I had opted for a midnight swim and if I had seen a shooting star, I would have expressed a wish. The star falls, beautiful, bright, giant but I do not express the desire. I had everything I wanted. A beautiful boyfriend, a dog with languid eyes and two cats with magnetic eyes and I was in the place I loved most in the world and all in all I liked my life. I also had a fair amount of work. But settling for it has never been part of me, so I was hoping to find something to wake up in the morning really worth it. And it wasn't what I was doing. What did I really like? Leaving aside the sailing sunsets, Sex and the City and the "extraordinary" trips, I liked to create. Create fashion accessories that are beautiful and affordable. All this had to have a name. I thought of the Stars, of Orlando Bloom in Sex and City and of a group of sufficiently enlightened people who would have been more than enthusiastic about sharing this experience with me. That was how Stella Bloom was born. My name is Anna and this is my story.


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